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The latest publication

In March this year the latest work by Walter P. Unger and Ronald Shapiro titled: Hair Transplantation, was published. This is the fifth edition of the book which was published for the first time almost 20 years ago by Walter Unger. This time Marcel Dekker Inc. the Publishing Company performed a no mean feat by giving the readers a volume consisting of almost 1000 pages. Thanks to the cooperation of the best doctors form the whole world, it was possible to include in the book the latest news from the field of hair reconstructive surgery. Comprehensive descriptions of experiments by Jerzy Kolasiński carried out in the clinic in Swarzędz and during the workshops in Orlando also can be found among other scientific research reports. These experiments concerned recovering hair from non-hairy parts of the head skin. The publication by Unger and Shapiro can be easily called the hit of the year in the field of hair reconstruction surgery. This is why we are proud that our boss has some share in this project.