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3D Imaging System – Your View, Your Choice

3D imaging system is the latest product launched by Canfield facilitating the analysis of face and the whole body including breast.

3D Imaging System consists of two basic elements: a set of high-resolution cameras and an image processor. The final effect comes not only as a 3D image of the body, which may be analyzed from all perspectives, but the system also allows for size and volume analyses. It is especially important in the analysis of the human face as well as the body profile, chest and breast.

Due to highly advanced technology we can simulate and preview feasible outcomes of plastic surgery or esthetic procedures.

Additionally, whatever takes place on the computer screen is reversible and may help patients define precisely the outcomes they want to achieve.

When a proper module is set and patients wear specially designed glasses, they may see their face as well as the whole body as a 3D image. It gives them a unique opportunity to look at themselves just as other people perceive them in three dimensions every day.

Vectra 3D

The procedure starts with taking a precise picture of the patient. The six high-resolution cameras capture the image obtained from different projections, which is next processed by the imaging system.

The next step involves introducing a number of orientation points which will facilitate a more exact analysis of the patient’s appearance and calibrate the image in life-size. In other words, we will receive a linear and volumetric analysis of face and the whole body. This will be helpful in planning precisely corrective procedures.

Vectra 3D

An extremely important element necessary to plan the medical treatment is the specification of the patient’s expectations. The methods applied so far in terms of doctor-patient communication have not been accurate enough. #d imagining system allows for previewing the surgery outcomes. By the same token it provides patients with a unique opportunity to verify their own expectations and the final effects which the supposed surgery may bring. Therefore, instead of making the decision somehow blindly, they may see their own face or breast after the surgery without a scratch. In this case, however, what we mean is a totally reversible, virtual surgery.

It should be remembered that the application of computer simulation does not guarantee specific changes and is used only to demonstrate the patient feasible effects of appearance modifications the surgery may bring about.

The real-life operation may hide many surprises and its outcome may slightly differ from the computer preview.

3D imaging system plays a huge role in the selection of suitable breast implants. Due to the precise analysis of breast shape and size, the surgery may be much better planned. The vast majority of women suffer from different degrees of chest and breast asymmetry. Sometimes, it is only the 3D examination that lets them realize the existence of such defects. The size and volume analyses of such parameters improves significantly the quality of surgeon’s work, who may choose proper breast implants with precision. The data base of 3D imaging system stores a few hundred of round and anatomical breast implants manufactured by world leading producers. 3D suggests such implants which are recommended for a particular patient. At the same time the preview of expected results is played in 3D format.