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The 6th Conference on Advantages and Disadvantages of Esthetic Surgery

The 6th Conference on Advanatges and Disadvantages of Plastic Surgery was held on October 13-14, 2006 in Poznan, Poland. It was organized by the Kolasinski Clinic. The surgical workshop held in the Clinic started the meeting. Prof. Marianne Beausang-Linder from Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm and Dr. Andrzej Dmytrzak from Szczecin, our invited guests, performed demonstration surgeries during the workshops.
On Saturday, October 14, the plenary session took place in the conference room of the „Bażanciarnia” restaurant in Poznan. In the morning the main emphasis was put on breast correction surgeries, whereas in the afternoon facial surgery was discussed. The greatest interest aroused the round table conference on preventive treatment of thrombotic and embolus complications in esthetic and plastic surgery.

More than 50 plastic surgeons and doctors of different spacialties participated in the conference which proves a huge interest in the discussed filed of medicine.