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Plastic Surgery at the Red Sea – International Symposium in Israel

Eilat – an Israeli resort situated at the Red Sea coast was the meeting spot of plas/tic surgeons from Israel, the USA and other countries participating in the Plastic Surgery at the Red Sea Symposium held on March 13-17, 2007. The group of Polish surgeons, invited to the conference on the initiative of Arik Dotan (the founder of the PAD Technologies Company, which has been operating in Poland for many years and providing Polish plastic surgeons with proper equipment and implants of different types), outnumbered other participants.

The prominent guests well-known in the plastic surgery community, namely Daniel C.Baker, MD (USA), Catherine Bergeret-Galley (France), Thomas M. Biggs (USA), Javier de Benito (Spain) and Per Heden (Sweden) delivered their lectures.

Jerzy Kolasiński, MD, presented his two papers as well. This well-experienced specialist (within the scope of his studies one may distinguish the treatment of different types of baldness and the use of breast implants) shared his practical knowledge with other Symposium participants. His lectures aroused a huge interest.

The Symposium gala evening held on March 14 surprised everyone since a dancing course was organized then. Kolasinski together with his wife, Elzbieta, unexpectedly were ranked second. This year the Symposium hosts guaranteed not only brand new surgical knowledge but also many unforgettable memories.