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Breast without a scalpel

Breast without a scalpelMacrolane is an innovative and extremely interesting method of noninvasive treatment for breast shaping and enhancement. The product is comprised of hyaluronic acid which is injected under the mammary gland. The scientific study on Macrolane had been conducted for many years, and its beginning dates back to the year 2002 in Sweden. So far, there have been about 2 thousand procedures carried out in Europe and more than 40 thousand in Japan. In the European Union Macrolane received approval in November 2007, whereas in Poland in February 2008.

Macrolane can be applied to improve the shape and volume of numerous body surfaces with an exception of face. The pharmaceutical is safe, biocompatible and resorbable. The tissues show persistence of the substance for 18 up to 24 months depending on breasts condition, patients’ age and her lifestyle as well as physical activity. When applied in order to enlarge breasts, the treatment increases the size of the breast by one size. In order to maintain the effects, complementing treatment should be applied every year.

On November 15 Dr Małgorzata Kolenda participated in a professional training on the methods of Macrolane application, which was organized in Warsaw. By the same token, she has become one of the few surgeons in Poland who has been granted a certificate of specialty training, which allows to perform such medical procedures.