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Breast Surgery Conference in Nałęczów

On December 2 and 3, 2005 a conference devoted to oncology, breast reconstructive surgery and aesthetic surgery took place in Nałęczów. Artimed Company, a leading distributor of breast prostheses in Poland, was the sponsor of the conference.

During the two-day-long meeting the invited guests presented a wide spectrum of interesting research devoted to the latest achievements in the field of breast surgery. The lecture provided by Dr. Constantin Stan, Romania, aroused a wide interest among the participants. Dr. Stan can be proud that he has such extensive experience in using contoured breast prostheses.

Also Dr. Jerzy Kolasiński was among the invited speakers. He presented the research on the work of his private clinic in Poland. Being a pioneer of a private medical business, Kolasiński shared his experience in this field with the conference participants. His paper aroused broad interest and the presentation of our clinic gained recognition among the participants of the conference.

The experience acquired from the conference in Nałęczów will be surely mirrored in every-day work performed by our clinic.