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Biodynamic Course in Kolasinski Clinic – October 4, 2008

On Saturday, October 4, 2008, a course on the application of Biodynamic Breast Analysis Program – helpful in the process of selecting anatomically shaped breast prostheses – was organized in Kolasinski Clinic. The course itself, sponsored by Alergan Company, gathered plastic and oncologist surgeons who came to Swarzędz from various parts of Poland to participate in the course. Dr Jerzy Kolasinski was the host of the meeting and conducted the classes. It is worth mentioning here that Kolasinski Clinic is the only clinic in the Wielkopolska region which uses the Biodynamic system. The course participants could enjoy the opportunity to learn comprehensively of the benefits of the new program. Apart form the theoretical part of the course, they could also check the system in practice while working on their own computers. The final classes took place in the operating theater where dr Kolasinski demonstrated a live surgery of implanting anatomical prostheses. We hope that our guests gained not only theoretical and practical knowledge but also that the entire event made a good impression on them.