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hair loss

Hair restoration surgeries

Types of hair restoration surgeries applied Apart from a commonly known restoration surgery of hair follicles applied in the case of hairloss, other surgeries such as: Scar excission Scalp reduction surgery Implant extender Scalp flap surgery for hair restoration Hair restoration surgery with an expander are carried out. These surgeries are often supplemented with hair […]

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Hair Transplantation

About the surgery Hair transplant procedure is a surgical intervention that involves restoring hair in bald and thinning regions. It is performed due to the following reasons: Male androgenic alopecia Female androgenic alopecia Posttraumatic baldness Post-burn alopecia Hairloss from radiation Postinflammatory alopecia – after the inflammatory state is healed Post-operative scarring A supplement of hair […]

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BHT – Body Hair Transplant – Hair grafts taken from other parts of the body

The novelty in the field of hair restoration is collecting hair follicles from other than the scalp parts of the body. Then, the donor area is usually the hairy skin of the chin, chest, back or legs. Very often people suffering from alopecia have excessive hair in other parts of the body. So why not […]

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