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World famous Plastic Surgery experts in Nice

The Mediterranean Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons together with the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons held a Congress on April 15-17 2005 in Nice.

The luxurious rooms of the very famous NEGRASCO Hotel, which is a symbol of Nice, became a place where prominent plastic surgeons from all over the world gathered together to exchange their views on Facial Plastic Surgery as well as on Plastic Surgery of Breast. Such experts as Mark Codner (US), Peter Butler (Great Britain), Andrea Grisotti (Italy), Jose Guerrero-Santos (Mexico), Lacotte (France), Lassus (France), Foad Nahai (US), Michael Scheflan (Izrael) and Bryant Toth (US) became a magnet attracting visitors to participate in the debates.

Jerzy Kolasiński, M.D., was also among the paticipants of the Congress. It is hard not to appreciate the advantages resulting from the participation in such an interesting meeting of the Plastic Surgery experts from the whole world.