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Silhouette lift – a new rejuvenating procedure, Warsaw, July 8, 2011

On July 8, 2011 the training course for the correct use of Silhouette Lift sutures in face, neck and forehead lift took place in Warsaw. It was organized by Silhouette Lift and PAD Technonogies Ltd. Dr Franco R. Perego from Italy was the lecturer. During the theoretical classes complemented with a wide spectrum of film material presenting the practical aspect of the procedure, the participants could discover the meander of the new face lift technique by Silhouette sutures. The method is almost non-invasive, has a very high level of effectiveness in the treatment of moderate face-dropping and there is very small risk of complications. These seem to be the biggest advantages of the procedure. Dr Jerzy Kolasinski also participated in the course. The knowledge he gained will surely allow him to expand the spectrum of surgeries provided in our Clinic.