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It has been ages since we set up a closer cooperation with Polish and foreign periodicals publishing articles and interviews in their columns on aesthetic surgery. However, there are two with which we collaborate permanently. Małgorzata Kolenda has her own column in Cosmetics and Business Bimonthly. Since 2003 there have been already seven issues edited in which there have been articles by doctor Kolenda published including, for example, the application of peelings and other methods used in face wrinkles treatment, taking advantage of aesthetic pharmacology as well as the treatment of vascular changes of the skin and falling out of hair. In the articles quite a lot of attention is paid to the influence of the sun on the skin and the risk of skin tumors development.

In the latest issue, which has just come out, Kolenda, M.D., also touches upon the ways of nails care and the treatment of nails growing into the feet.

The second magazine we closely cooperate with is Elite Mode Club Magazine, an exclusive quarterly devoted to the subject of fashion, the world of business and body aesthetics. One can find there an article by Jerzy Kolasiński, M.D., on the corrective surgeries of breast and the treatment of early and late symptoms of face ageing.

A careful reader will also find a few words of reflection upon the subject of aesthetic surgery in them – a phenomena which changes the nature of the contemporary medicine but also of our society.