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Inamed academy in barcelona

Aesthetic surgery as any other discipline may enjoy a constant medical development. New methods of performing surgeries as well as medical materials pose a greater and greater challange for doctors. In order to fulfill such a difficult task, the doctors of our Clinic participate in various scientific symposia and workshops every year. Recently, INAMED Corporation, a world leading company manufacturing breast protheses, has begun series of workshops concerning the latest surgical techniques of using contoured breast implants. INAMED Academy organized a course given by dr Per Heden from Akademikliniken, Stockholm, on November 25 2005 in Barcelona. The participants of the course could deepen their knowledge in terms of qualifications needed to perform a surgery and surgical techniques applied in breast corrective surgeries during which the latest contoured breast implants, made by INAMED Corporation, are used.

Further stages of these workshops are to take place at the beginning of the next year. Our participation in those courses considerably broadens our knowledge on breast corrective surgery which constitutes one of the leading activities of the Kolasinki Clinic.