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Articles about us again

Last holiday was abounded in press articles on Hair Clinic Poznań as well as on the subject matter which we deal with every day in the clinic. Newsweek Poland, in one of its July issues, published an article titled Coming round to Wawel Castle to the dentist (Wpaść na Wawel do dentysty), which touches upon the issue of some neighboring countries’ citizens coming to Polish specialists, mainly dentists and plastic surgeons. The author did not forget to mention in the article such ‘export services’ provided by our clinic. He also emphasized that Polish doctors’ professional competence was as good as of German or Swedish doctors, the prices, however, were definitely lower. Whereas Medicine Manager Monthly published in August an article titled Hair for PLN 5 (Włos za pięć złotych). The author presents the achievements by Jerzy Kolasiński, M.D., in the filed of surgical treatment of baldness. He also writes with respect about 20-year-long experience of our clinic in aesthetic surgery.

Anti-aging program has been known worldwide recently. Thanks to it, on the basis of many fitness, mental and physical tests as well as blood examinations, it is possible to estimate the patient’s biological age and to detect how much it differs from a metrical age. Anna Modelska-Ziółkiewicz, M.D., specializes in this field in the clinic. The editor of Vita Magazine was invited to such examinations and afterwards she described her adventure in the September issue of her Monthly in the article titled I know how old I really am (Wiem, ile naprawdę mam lat).

Meanwhile, in the September issue of Beauty Forum Monthly, an article on the abrasion of face skin by Małgorzata Kolenda, M.D., was published. The author enumerated and described every possible method of peeling.